Luxury Living in Pico Bonito

Today, Kelsey and I moved onto our third and final destination of this trip but we spent the last two nights staying at The Lodge & Spa at Pico Bonito, a marvellous little placed deemed to be “one of the best small luxury resorts in the world.”

Pico Bonito is a national park on the mainland of Honduras. The lodge we were staying at owns 200 acres just outside of the national park. It’s popular among “birders” due the immense amount of wildlife that can be seen on the lodges grounds.

After taking a ferry from Roatan to the mainland and finding a lovely gentleman holding a sign saying “Mr. Kelsey Ilg,” we made our way up to the lodge. We were greeted with a welcome drink (with Rum!) and then provided with a tour of the facility including the restaurant, conference centre, pool, spa, yoga area, and finally our cabin. We had arrived fairly early in the morning so, after eating a delicious breakfast, we decided to spend the first day hiking The Loop trail, a ‘medium difficulty’ trail that is said to take approximately 2-4 hours. Needless to say, it was a lot of uphill and downhill and our calves are still aching today.


One of the lookout points on our hike


Gorgeous views hiking up into the clouds

Our second day we decided to check out one of the natural swimming holes that we were too tired to walk to the previous day. The swimming hole was at the bottom of a small waterfall, part of a rushing river. It was beautiful, with butterflies flying around and vines hanging from the trees; really one of those times you think you might be in a movie scene. The rest of the day we spent laying by the pool and then using our included spa service, which consisted of sitting in a steam room and rubbing Honduran mud on our bodies.

Overall, our stay at the lodge was glorious. The food was delicious, the beds were the most comfortable, you are surrounded by wildlife and birds chirping, and the overall environment can best be described as “tranquil” and “peaceful.” It is the type of place where they are acutely aware of your every move in order to anticipate your needs which is both slightly eerie and oddly appreciated.


Our lodge – one of 22 that are part of the resort


Tonight we’ve  moved into more ‘rustic’ and ‘charming’ accommodations (real estate adjectives!) and are planning to head out for another dive tomorrow.


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