Back at the Beach!

Hostel Vista Serena – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica      6:05pm local time

From Monteverde, I was planning on heading to Montezuma. Unfortunately some wrong information caused us to miss a bus and there had to be some adjustments made to my plans. So instead I headed to Manuel Antonio and will circle back to Montezuma after this.

I was excited to leave Monteverde and get back to a beach and a warmer climate but because we left Monteverde very early on a breezy/chilly morning, my attire did not transition well to Manuel Antonio which is incredibly hot & humid! I came as close to possible to being roasted to death on the bus (which was a measly 39° C) and felt an immediate sense of excitement and comfort as the coastline came into view. When we got off the bus directly infront of a beautiful beach I knew this was a place I wanted to be.


Sunset view from my hostel in Manuel Antonio

Yesterday I spent the day at Manuel Antonio Park, the smallest of Costa Rica’s national parks. There’s several trails to walk, wildlife to be spotted, and beaches to be enjoyed. Since I had the opportunity to see a lot of animals in Monteverde, I forgo the option of hiring a guide and decided to wander about the park myself. I trecked the trails in the sweltering heat for about 3 hours spotting spiders, lizards, snakes, monkeys, and a giant rodent-like animal that looked like roided rat without a tail and then decided to take the rest of the day to relax on one of the beautiful beaches in the park.



Manuel Antonio National Park

I also got my laundry done for the first time since leaving home. I purposely stopped hand washing underwear to force myself to get laundry done because some of my shirts were getting a little stinky and fabric spray can only do so much.

The rest of my time here has been spent laying on other beaches, eating, drinking, and playing cards. I packed up and checked out today but have now decided to spend one more night here. Tomorrow I’m back on the road though to make my way to my next destination.


Pura Vida!


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