Old Blog…New Adventures

George Bush Intercontinental Airport – Houston, Texas         4:03pm local time

So, I’ve decided to revive this old blog in order to allow you people at home (read: my parents) to keep track of my adventures over the next month-ish while I travel through Central America. Kelsey and I originally started this blog when we did our first trip through SE Asia in 2012. We were too busy having fun on our return trip in 2013 to partake in such menial tasks as blog writing (though Kelsey did make a valiant effort over here – http://www.ilgtravels.blogspot.com) so the experiences of that trip live primarily only in our memories and, unfortunately (or fortunately!) not on the internet. This time I’m travelling solo and plan to spend the next 5 weeks exploring parts of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Currently I am eating a burrito in the Houston airport because I figured I  should enjoy some texmex while in Texas and after some delayed flights this morning and one flight that included incessant banging on the back of my chair by one decidedly annoying child, I should still be arriving in Managua on time tonight. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my prearranged airport pick-up shows up to take me to my first hostel…

My delayed flight did mean that I left Winnipeg just as the sun was rising and created some pretty views during takeoff.

The thought of arriving in a foreign country and travelling alone is a daunting one when I really think about it but though my family is more concerned about the idea that I may be raped and murdered, my anxiety is provoked by the thought of much more fathomable, ordinary situations. When travelling with a friend or an other of some type there are always two brains available to help remember the way back to an off-the-beaten-path hostel, there’s someone to lend you money if you run out before getting to another ATM, there’s someone to talk through particularly sketchy situations with, and there’s someone to hold on to important documents if you happen to be feeling absent-minded or flighty one day. It is inevitable that I will end up in one of these situations and suddenly my alone-ness will be blatantly obvious. However, I know I can handle it and am, for the most part, allowing my excitement about warm temperatures, beaches, and adventures to override my nerves. Only one more flight to go!



One comment

  1. Andrea W. · January 21, 2015

    Katie – so exciting!! I have at least one contact in Managua if you need anything – your adventure sounds terrifying to me! Have a blast!

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