Koh Tao…

When not scuba diving, our time in Koh Tao was spent being as carefree as possible. Our first night there we were able to reunite with the New Zealanders we had met in Koh Phangan and had a fun night out with them, as it was one of their last nights of vacation.  The following three days were spent becoming officially certified open-water scuba divers. Our original plan had been to only spend 5 nights in Koh Tao; the four we had to be there for our scuba course plus one extra free day to explore the tiny island but Koh Tao put a spell on us and we ended up spending an entire week there and were still very sad when we had to leave.

Our favourite place!

Our view during breakfast every day

After completing the scuba course the remainder of our days were spent lounging by the pool, lounging on bean bag chairs on the beach, watching fire dancers (one specific fire dancer in particular), and swimming in the ocean. One night we decided to check out the lady-boy cabaret show! It was entertaining to say the least with men dressed up very convincingly as women and dancing/lip syncing to a variety of songs from Britney Spears to ABBA to Lady Gaga. Many of these ‘women’ were gorgeous and you’d never know they were born men except for the lack of hips. In fact, we ran into a couple guys who had been thrown off by the authentic appearance of Thai lady-boys and had found either themselves or a “friend” in an awkward situation.

“Britney Spears”

“Lady Gaga”

We also met two English guys at our hostel who we ended up spending our last couple days with. They had found a restaurant that shows movies everynight so we went with them one night to watch The Hangover Part 2 which was much more entertaining to watch after having been in Thailand.

Our final night in Koh Tao we decided to get pedicures which ended up being kind of sketchy since the lady didn’t wash any of the tools between doing Kelsey’s feet and mine (Luckily we’ve both been vaccinated for Hepititis). We finally spoke to our favourite fire dancer! We had a couple goodbye drinks bought for us and then decided we should do one last dip in the ocean before leaving the next day. It was during this final little swim that I noticed what appeared to be someone rummaging through our bags on the shore. Since getting robbed on Koh Tao on our last night there was not part of our plan we quickly ran out of the water to investigate what was going on. Luckily another Thai man had also noticed what was happening and had already yelled at said rummager/ potential robber and scared him away. Apparently the guy said he was just looking for a lighter but we nervously checked, and thankfully confirmed, that all of our belongings were still present.

The best fire dancer…we stalked him a little

Pedicures on the beach

The next morning we woke up, checked out, and had a few hours to kill on a rainy day before our boat left to take us back to the mainland. Despite all of our random bruises, scrapes and blisters that we somehow acquired on Koh Tao we were both very sad when the time finally came to leave the island.  Now we’re back in Bangkok anticipating our very early 5:40am flight home.

Goodbye Thailand… 😦

Enjoying one last sunset on Koh Tao

Back in Winnipeg after a 32 hour journey




  1. Jennifer G · June 5, 2012

    Such a great blog both of you!!! Looking forward to seeing you Kelsey when you are back and settled!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures—you really make it sound easy to be globe trotters—it makes me want to get out there!

  2. ilgandspoon · June 7, 2012

    Thanks for reading Jenn!!! I would love to see you once I get settled again!

    • Jennifer G · June 9, 2012

      Totally girl!!!!! That will b great!

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