Last day in Chiang Mai

It was bitter sweet leaving Chiang Mai because both Katie and I really liked it there-our hostel (MD House) was amazing (we had a nice pool, free breakfast, free wifi, 8 computers to choose from in the lobby, a great travel guide etc), the restaurants around us were really good, nobody was too pushy, and we just felt very relaxed being there. Our last day in Chiang Mai we walked around some more and went to the man with the little cart, who advertised selling ‘Fish Food.’ We bought a bag of it and to our surprise, when we threw this food into the pond, THOUSANDS of huge fish suddenly appeared, and were jumping all over each other to get to it. I’m not sure what kind of fish they were but they were big and ugly.

Fish fighting for our delicious pellets

This seems fine and dandy, but everytime we openned the bag of fish food, we had pigeons hovering at face level, trying to get at the food. So, this actually turned into a pigeon feeding event, which was much creepier and more exciting than feeding the fish.

I had scratches all over my arms after this!

That evening, we had booked a cooking class-to learn how to cook traditional Thai foods! I cooked a Pad Thai with chicken and vegetables, spring rolls, and a green curry. Katie cooked a Cashew chicken with rice, spring rolls, and a phanang curry. It was all really tasty and pretty easy to do, but my green curry was SO HOT. I would barely put any on my rice, and my face was still sweating by the end of it. We were in the class with one other woman who made banana spring rolls and those were amazing for a dessert. The lady who lead it laughed after everything that she said, but she had a really really crazy laugh-Katie and I were having a hard time focussing on our cooking since the laugh was very distracting, and a bit disturbing.

Cooking up a mad Pad Thai

Delicious spring rolls, fresh from the Wok

We also found two really awesome restaurants/pubs on our second last night in Chiang Mai. The first was a rooftop restaurant and bar (John’s Place), overlooking downtown, and then we found a crazy little bar that was an old wagon, where you sit on bicycle seats, around the bar area. I’ll post a picture so you can imagine what it looked like.



  1. Jennifer G · May 10, 2012

    Kels, love the food pics- keep em coming!! You know I would b so into all that food πŸ™‚ we’ll try anything! Hugs

  2. saratreetravels · May 13, 2012

    I am terrified of pigeons! That pigeon-feeding frenzy looks ridiculous!
    …But your cooking class results look amazing – demos when you come home, please? πŸ™‚

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