Weekend Market and Bugs!

We spent our next day in Bangkok at the weekend market, which we heard is apparently the biggest market in the world. Whether or not that is true, it was very big, especially when we got lost and ended up walking around the entire circumference trying to find the sky train!It was full of food vendors, all sorts of clothing, furniture, scarves etc. I bought a few things but we were SO incredibly hot that we left sooner than we would have if it had been cooler. We crashed in a nearby park in the shade to get some relief. Sadly both Katie and I got quite burnt and I now realize that I really do have to wear sunscreen.

The next morning I was about to shower and noticed that there were two towels laying on the floor that neither of us had noticed. I decided to use one of them instead of my own travel towel… So I showered and wrapped it around myself but started feeling stingy pricks all over, but I thought it was maybe just my sunburn being irritated from parts of the towel. It went on for another few seconds so I looked under the towel and I was COVERED in tiny little ants!!! I jumped into the shower and had to really scrub to get them all off. It was gross… so we have learnt to never use the towels that hostels leave for us.

We also have learnt a lot about how pushy some of the people here are. We are constantly stopped by tuc tuc drivers, asking for rides, and were told by one that he could take us to all these different temples for 10 baht each. We were tempted but decided to not do it then. Then in our hostel we noticed a warning about the ‘tuc tuc scam,’ where they tell you they will take you all over Bangkok for very little charge, but then they will end up going to these jewelry stores where they pressure you into buying. The drivers are in cahoots with the jewelry people and then obviously get commission. So once we read that, we decided we would obviously not get into a tuc tuc. We even had one woman come up to us and start chatting about what our plans for the trip are, and she was telling us which busses to take to get around, and how she was a teacher, wanting to practice her English. This went on for some time, and eventually she said ‘you don’t want to go to the weekend market now, too hot. Go in the afternoon. You should go see the temples, they are all free because of holiday.’ So she started writing down the names of all the temples etc. Up to this point she seemed so helpful and I was considering going to the temples. Then she started talking about how you just get in a tuc tuc for 10 baht and they will wait for you, take you around etc. She kept pointing to the one tuc tuc that was sitting right there and when we said no, she called him over and said that we wanted a ride. We again said ‘we will think about it but not now.’ Her reply was ‘You are stupid if you think about it,’ so we left. I don’t think I have been called stupid since I was a kid and definitely didn’t expect it from the nice little teacher lady that was helping us out!


Preparing for our first taste of Pad Thai: 30 baht for a delicious mixture of noodle, meat and veggies, all cooked before your eyes

Beautiful park by the weekend market… with shade!

View of the weekend market-an absolute maze of vendors with little back alleys leading to only more vendors, complete with a variety of very interesting smells (I wish I could bottle them up and bring them home for all of you to experience)

View from the sky train overpass-I love how colorful the taxis are!

My favourite restaurant so far: Macaroni Club. She asked us if we wanted inside or outside and we said inside. So she brought us into the restaurant, and we sat at the back next to a pond with giant fish and a waterfall. It took us about half an hour to realize that there was no roof… the ‘inside’ had ended and we were actually once again ‘outside’

PenPark Place-Our hostel in Bangkok



  1. saratreetravels · May 1, 2012

    Mmm, so jealous of real pad Thai…

  2. Signe · May 1, 2012

    Keep up the blog, it’s great!

  3. Kira · May 3, 2012

    The market sounds incredible (and a little bit scary and nerve-wracking!) Maybe you’ll be better equipped to show (and take things home) when you get back to Bangkok.

  4. Kira · May 3, 2012


  5. Signe · May 6, 2012

    HI Katie and Kelsey,
    sounds like you girls are having a fun tine look forward to more when u get back katie congrats for getting accepted for u your course continue to have fun and learning
    love you AMMA

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