Safari World!

Well, the first chapter of our trip is offically over and, although we’ll be heading back to Bangkok later in the trip, right now we are checked out of our first hostel and will be heading to Chiang Mai tonight.

Kelsey and I at our first hostel before going to Safari World

For our last day in Bangkok we went to “Safari World”. We had asked at our hostel about day tours and this was one of the only ones that would get us back in time to get to the train station for our overnight train to Chiang Mai so we decided to book it. Safari World is a definite tourist/family attraction that is a combination of a zoo, amusement park, and sea world type place. You are ushered from show to show along with hundreds of other people where you see everything from orangutans playing musical instruments to dolphins bouncing balls on their noses to Thai men and women dressed up as cowboys and pretending to shoot and grope eachother.  For some reason this seems to be The-Place-To-Be for Indian tourists, as about 75% of the audience were people from India. Safari World definitely knows their customer though because right before the last show of the day they played what must be a very popular Indian song. It prompted about 30 men to get up and dance infront of the audience while many others participated from the crowd and people shouted out words everytime certain parts of the song rolled around. For me (Katie), this spontaneous Indian man-dance was the highlight of Safari World, as I never thought I’d be participating in some sort of traditional Indian song and dance while at Safari World in Bangkok.

Bollywood Dance Party

We did also participate in an actual “safari” during which we drove around in a van and saw lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) along with a variety of other animals including giraffes, zebras, and deers. Aside from the man-dance, seeing these animals was the best part of the day.

A tiger at Safari World


Now, since we had booked this tour through a legitimate tour agency, Kelsey and I were a little surprised when we stopped to “change vans” on the way  home and were ushered into a jewelry store; a stop we thought was reserved for scamming tuk-tuk drivers. Kels and I stood our ground though and refused to even enter the store so, before too long, we were shuffled into another van which we were told would bring us back to our hostel. Nevertheless, “Safari World” at least gave us something to occupy our time with for our last day in Bangkok.



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