First days in bangkok

Our new Swedish friends introduced us to the infamous beer tower filled with Chang beer. For 550 baht you get your own tower and can dispense whenever you want!

After what seemed like an eternity in Air ports and on planes we finally arrived in bangkok at two in the morning. We were so worried that we would get way over charged by the taxi since he would guess we didn’t know how the bardering worked but he asked for 450 baht which we figured wasn’t that outrageous for a 45 minute ride. We got to the hostel but we’re both wide awake so we decided go explore the town… We definitely wondered if it was very safe but once we made it to the main street we saw that lots of people had the same idea as us. We ended up meeting four people that night who showed us around, told us where to eat, and gave lots of advice on where to go on our trip… They were. Celebrating their final night of their trip and had gone to most of the places we are planning on going. Before we knew it we were sitting in day light! The next day we got up into the afternoon and spent the day wandering the streets and shopping and getting pushed to buy everything imaginable from street vendors. We had one tuc tuc driver that followed us for about fifteen minutes! Just when we thought he got the hint he would pull up behind us with his big smile and ask if we wanted a ride, yet again! Today our plan is to find a day trip to go on or possibly take a tuc tuc driver up on his offer to tour us around the city.


Spending the day wandering Koh San Road-a street full of street vendors, shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels


One comment

  1. saratreetravels · May 1, 2012

    Have so much fun, ladies… and post lots of pictures!!
    ¡Grandes abrazos a vos!

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